Seat Stay Belt Drive Splitter

Seat-Stay-Belt-Drive-Splitter-1The Seat Stay Splitter is designed to allow for the fitting of the new belt drive system by allowing for a section of the seat stay to be removed on the drive side.

The middle section which is removable is held in place by 2 x T30 sunken bolts (Allen key supplied to remove and refit these bolts). Once removable middle section is fitted and the bolts are tight then the seat stay is strong if not stronger than the original.

We can fit this splitter to new or renovation framesets subject to correct seat stays been fitted (see below).

Middle section can also be pained if required.

Cost £130.00 inc vat

Seat-Stay-Belt-Drive-Splitter-3Seat-Stay-Belt-Drive-Splitter-2Please note this splitter will only fit in a 16 mm external diameter seat stay and you must have at least 40 mm of diameter seat stay below the rear seat stay bridge or brake bridge. If you do not have this then a new pair of seat stay will also be required.

Please note the retro fitting of this splitter will cause heat damage to a large section of the seat stay. As such a re-spray would also be recommended. Please see our re-spray service under re-sprays on our website.

Please contact us via our contact form or call us on 0113 2551144 to discuss your exact requirements