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Frame Building

Frame Building

Located above & behind our shop is the 3500 sq ft dedicated factory, including the frame room, preparation rooms, machining room, paint booths, baking oven, finishing area and office.

Unlike some so called bike frame manufacturers, we manufacture & paint all our frames in house, using dedicated staff, who have been trained in house to the high standards that a specialist such as ourselves requires.

The corporate memory of the longer serving staff, coupled with the fresh ideas of the younger enthusiasts, mixes to give us a great blend of experience & cutting edge ideology. Whether it is a simple respray, a classic bike restoration or a dream bike project, we are proud of all our work great & small.

Frames can be either Jig built or Free built. Jig built is best used for mass producing low cost frames, as it is the quickest way to produce a high volume in a short space of time. When built in a jig all the tube joins are done in one go and as the tubes are heated they expand, contracting when cooling down. Because this happens at different rates & each tube is clamped in a fixed position the frame becomes stressed & out of line. Once built the frame is then substantially tracked straight (a trade term for bent back in line). As a result a great deal of the latent strength & springiness of the tubing is lost forever.

If time & money were of no consequence all builders would build the way we build our frames. Frames can be built either by machine or by hand. Machine built frames are churned out as quickly as possible with a minimum of time & cost resulting in a cheap, cost effective frame. Any handbuilt frame benefits from the constant quality assessment, care & attention that only a human can apply. The more experienced the builder, the better a job of building the frame he can do, calling on his many years of frame building. Bob Jackson Cycles will only build by hand, in house, by fully trained & experienced builders to ensure the best quality possible.

At Bob Jackson Cycles we free build our frames for the following reasons: When building free a great deal of skill is required due to the fact that the frame is held at one place at a time, with guides allowing the tube being joined to expand along its length, whilst staying perfectly in line. Each join is then allowed to cool thoroughly so as to ensure there is no stress on the frame, hence the term ´┐ŻNo tension building´┐Ż. Each join is done separately, from mitreing, to brazing, to cleaning & polishing, resulting in a frame that requires minimal or no tracking and uses the best qualities of the tubing, giving it that magical ride quality that only comes from a top quality steel frame.

All steel tubes deteriorate if not heated correctly by between 5 & 15% dependant on the mix of metals in the tubeset. Savings of approximately 200F in temperature can be achieved by using silver braze rather than brass, this however is not cheap, silver braze costs 6 to 7 times more than brass.

The way the heat is applied directly affects the frame strength and its durability. Sudden or very quick changes such as when building quickly or welding creates a sudden change in the crystal structure of the metal, leading to a rapid change in strength of the tubing & increasing the need for blow holes to allow gasses to escape from the frame. Blow holes may allow gasses out but also allow water in hence all Bob Jackson frames are built without blow holes & to ensure we can honour our 5 Year Guarantee all frames are built under no time or cost constraints.

Bob Jackson Cycles uses silver for all braze ons, fittings & frame joins with the exception of Reynolds 853 where due to its unique properties we use brass, heated & cooled at specific rates to heat treat the tube joins & so achieve tensile strengths of over 100tons (twice as strong as 531)!

After all this care & effort in the construction the frame now needs to fit & do exactly what you want. If you are a standard size & require the frame for a particular use we may build an Off The Peg model that will do the job, but if you need something a bit different then the way to go is fully Custom Built.

You can download a copy of our frame order form, print it off and fill it in:

Frame Order Form - Sheet 1
Frame Order Form - Sheet 2

These files can be posted to:
Station Buildings
312-324 Stanningley Road
LS13 3EG

Or faxed to:
0113 255 4444

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