Frame Resprays

We at Bob Jackson Cycles admit that we are not the cheapest in bicycle re-spray trade but we like to think that we offer the most professional and caring service around . All frames are given the best possible treatment no matter if it is your winter frame or your best, there are no second class finishes here. Every one is a first class no corners cut job. Just look at the list below and see what you get, even on a single colour.

  1. The frame arrives with us looking a little the worst for wear
  2. All the frames are lightly burnt off and then shot blasted to remove all rust , grease and other road debris, leaving the frame clinically clean for the next stage
  3. A two pack etching prime and rust inhibitor is then applied
  4. On top of stage three a one pack anti-chip primer is applied
  5. Then the painting start with a minimum 2-3 coats applied with a stoving in the oven and a rub down between each coat
  6. Then next stage is to apply a single coat of lacquer and again the next stove the frame in the oven
  7. The penultimate step is to apply the transfer and lug or box lining if they are required. (If not we go to stage 8)
  8. This is the last stage where the whole frame is  given a minimum of two more coats of lacquer to seal in the transfers and lining. Once again the frame is stoved in the oven and rubbed down between each coast.

Your frame is then finished and looking like nevv after going through this totally professional service that is fully guaranteed for 12 months.

So when you are counting the cost remember you can have your frame sprayed every year or you can let the professionals do it and it will last for years.

A single colour respray includes stages 1-6, 7, 8 for only

  • £100.00 (solo’s) inc vat
  • £150.00 (trikes) inc vat
  • £165.00 (tandem’s) inc vat

Colour ranges


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Resprays Price List


Cycle Frame and Forks, Any Colour:

  • Enamel £100.00
  • Flamboyant on Silver £110.00
  • Italian Metallics £110.00
  • Italian Metallic Pearl White £120.00

Tandem Frame and Forks, Any Colour:

  • Enamel £165.00
  • Flamboyant on Silver £190.00
  • Italian Metallics £190.00
  • Italian Metallic Pearl White £200.00

Trikes,Frame and Forks, Any Colour:

  • Enamel £150.00
  • Flamboyant on Silver £170.00
  • Italian Metallics £170.00
  • Italian Metallic Pearl White £190.00

Enamelling Extras

  • Multi-Panels on Seat Tube Enamel £45.00
  • Coloured Band on Head,Seat or Down Tube Enamel Each £26.00
  • All Tube Enamel £26.00
  • Coloured Head Tube Enamel £26.00
  • Extra Colour Shades each colour Enamel £24.00
  • 3 Colour Panel £35.00
  • Stencil Art Work And Transfers P.O.A
  • Lugs Picked Out in Colour £30.00
  • Lugs picked Out in Colour(Fancy) £35.00
  • Lugs Picked Out in Colour(Extra Fancy) £40.00
  • Single Box Lining £55.00
  • Double Box Lining £79.00
  • Fitting Maker’s Transfers where available(Varnish Fix) £12.00
  • Polishing Alloy Frame £110.00


  • Single Box Lining £95.00
  • Double Box Lining £110.00

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