S & S Torque Couplings


The Bicycle Torque Coupling System is designed to allow a traditional, diamond style bicycle frame to separate into two pieces without affecting a bicycle’s rigidity or integrity. Through use of the BTC System, a professional quality bicycle can be easily put in a yacht, private plane, back of a car, subway, bus, taxi, train, or even on commercial airlines and cruise lines as a piece of regular luggage. However, unlike some travel bicycles that have a compromised ride, a bicycle with Torque Couplings will ride exactly like a bicycle that does not have couplings installed on it.

The key to the couplings’ ability to maintain a frame’s strength is the material they are made of and their design – most specifically their precision, tapered teeth that lock out all movement between the two frame sections when the coupling nuts draw the lugs together and are tightened with a spanner wrench.

In actual torsion, tension, and bending tests, the couplings are stronger than the tube frames themselves.

Though a frame can be separated into two pieces when the couplings are loosened, they will hold the frame together in perfect alignment, rigidity and safety as a regular one-piece frame when tightened.

NOTE: The Bicycle Torque Coupling System should be installed only by qualified, competent frame builders. Improper installation may result in frame failure during bicycle operation.


Price includes: 2x S&S couplings (any size), 1x coupling wrench, 1x Set cable splitters (2x Gear + 1x Brake)

Special offer

As above plus:

  • 1 Pick Up and Delivery
  • 1 Single Colour Enamel
  • 1 Transfers & Decals
  • 1 Lug Lining

All for an amazing £750.00

Additional couplings are £275.00 each.  (Tandem price upon request)

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